Italian children attacked by Nigerians: Parents Fight Back with bats

Il Nazionalista

mazza-da-baseball-600x264PALERMO – Administering law against three Nigerians, after that they had scared some Italian children, shouting and threatening them because they were playing football in the yard. 

The children played ball. The ball went repeatedly against the door where the Nigerians live. Their chased and threatened the children.  The kids went back home and they told their families. At this point a dozen people with sticks went behind the house of the three immigrants and started banging on the door. The three have barricaded themselves inside. 

It did not help. The Palermo group broke down the door and gave out justice. The Nigerians were able to escape running away through a window and were transported to the hospital. Investigations are underway by the police who are trying  to find the perpetrators of reprisal. 

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