Proof planes didn’t bring down WTC’s

Of course, John Lear is correct. In addition to his sworn affidavit, a former USSR nuclear scientist who worked for the branch that analyzed nuclear explosion around the world which they detected with seismic readings has come out and stated that their equipment showed that a nuclear explosion or explosions had occurred at that location at that time frame. He further stated that limited nuclear devices were planted in the base of the towers when being constructed for the purpose of their demolition if needed. Such limited nuclear devices were taught in the US Army training as a means to take down bridges, such as the Golden Gate for example. In addition to this nuclear scientist’s statements, the presence of radiation and dust that goes in a flow are indications of nuclear destruction. Many have gotten sick from the radiation that day, and I have read that the area where they conveniently placed a pool is the most radioactive area. That was to prevent people from going there.
H Cubed

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