Bastards for Muslim and against Women.

Bastards for Muslim and against Women.

Thank you, dear friend.  I have to admit that their harsh antagonizing did cause me to lose my temper and speak out of pure contempt,  also. There were at one point 5 or 6 of them, all so called men, attacking me & my beliefs to the very core. 
The argument started over someone else’s post on some Muslim immigrant article, and included Stand4Liberty, a pure woman abusive male from Australia,  Frank Take (self appointed Knowie of all) brickandfanal,  another delusional person of arrogant yet colossally incorrect “self importance” and a character Psyops, a meddling liar, where I made a benign comment about the Jewish Multicultural Marxism plan and how I am against it, as I always do. Brickandfanal turned my comment into a “hate for Islam” “quote” in which it wasn’t. Given, that I do not hate all Muslims,  especially individually,  I do hate their Sharia Law & Courts and I don’t care how many scream & stomp their feet in denial, but I see without rose colored glasses thru all different beliefs and supremacist ideologies,  for the most part understand their reasoning.  
But do not agree that any race or belief is the “only” “right” way for all to follow. Therefore I do see the dangers of ALL extremists. I hate Jews and the wealthy for throwing all this disproportionate amount of “oil & water” into a melting pot of 3rd world existence for WTP to deal with while they all remain in their society penthouses. 
I am not slightly ashamed or embarrassed over my views or my opinions in this matter. And while I admit I was a useful idiot in the past, believing the BS about Muslims did 9/11 and everything else Jew propaganda spewed out against Muslims, I have done more than enough in correcting my past wrongs and making up for any bad karma I brought upon myself for bad judgment and blaming the wrong entity for all things wrong,  I am not going to hold Islam up on any pedestal and announce this is a “religion” of all love & peace when I absolutely know better. At best, it is an ideology of misogynistic and penis celebration and fulfillment at the cost of any female or childs humiliation and degradation. 
Still yet, it is a “belief” that has been honed and crafted and celebrated for centuries,  with acceptance,  at what price I can’t name, of these very women and children I spoke of, along with academics and scholars worldwide. 
Anyway, all I can say is what I myself know as truth and I absolutely will not be bullied into speaking someone else’s words on a subject in which I see many having far less study and comprehensive understanding of. Basically,  Islam is not for me, as Catholicism is not for me, nor Hindu nor any organized religion of any sort is for me. I am not knocking it for those who are moved by it in any way whatsoever.  
Hence the case in point where brickandfanal and the others wanted me to give up my right to my own opinion and agree with their opinion,  which eerily seemed like I was speaking with several Imam at that place in time, and they all believed my soul was wavering and up for grabs if I would only succumb  and agree to something I couldn’t have felt further from agreeing with. Fucking bullies is what they were, to be exact. And I am not one to back down from bullies. Period.
Regardless,  I have seen a couple of these little girls with my own eyes, held their little hands as they moaned and cried out in pain from genatalia mutilation at the hands of these religious men. 
I am the last person to agree with any of this type bullshit. No more than agreeing that male circumcision and that a rabbi should be paid to do the honors and bless such sickness before sucking the infants bleeding wound. To me, all this is sick and vile perversion is void of any humanity and/or compassion at all. 
And for people who find this part of me unacceptable,  I suggest they go ahead and end all connection with me, as my opinion on this will never change.  
Frank Take, Mr Know It All himself,  argued with me over the fact I know to be true ~ that there are NUMEROUS Quran scripts over numerous years and numerous languages,  saying he knows of only TWO  ~ TWO! LMFWAO 
Look it up. There are so many that it is impossible to put an accurate count of them all. 
He also said (and they all laughed at me) I was wrong and there was no such thing as the Mecca Quran! 
Yes! Mr Knowie found that hilarious! 
So I am having a difficult time in dismissing these vile people as anything less than treacherous Islamic converters. Oh! I also believe Stand4Liberty to be a Muslim female. 
I swear this all to be true.
Much love. 🙋⚡⚡

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