I’ve always felt angry & guilty about being white & what our “white” forefathers did to the Native Americans.

Finally! Some guilt relieved!

IDK about the rest of you, but I am not a Supremacist.  I don’t condemn ANY Whites for being so, however.

I am, however,  a fundamental believer that it is a natural born right
to live among your own people. Fuck Marxist Multiculturalism and Fuck desegregation!

However, there are many Native Americans I could live next door to.
And….the majority of them understand the Jews are behind ALL
wars and “racial” a Jew turned Atheist coined term, and most N.A.’s don’t blame “Pale Face”. They’re too intelligent!

I can’t say that from 95% of “African Americans” drivel I’ve heard all
my honky cracker ass life.

And I know some Native Americans who are better people than much of the white trash I’ve encountered in URL and real time,
all my life.

I am 1100% Separatist and Proud!


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