Black Pleads Not Guilty to Killing and Burning White Babies

Let me administer the punishment to this sick fucking negroe!

Remember The 14 Words

Maybe the mother should be charged with neglect, huh?
The man accused of setting fire to a Johnson City home in October pleaded not guilty to all charges in Broome County Court on Monday.
During his arraignment, Dwight D. Burton, 38, of Johnson City pleaded not guilty to the following charges:
– Arson in the first degree

– Murder in the first degree (three counts)

– Murder in the second degree (two counts)

– Attempted murder in the second degree

– Assault in the first degree (two counts)

– Aggravated criminal contempt

His charges are related to the fire he allegedly started on Oct. 19 at 145 Floral Ave. in Johnson City. Four-year-old Joshua Maxwell and three-year-old Michael Maxwell were killed in the fire.
The boys’ mother, 27-year-old Erica Lynn and her friend, 28-year-old Jessica Baxter, were seriously injured in the fire. On Monday, Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse…

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