ZOG has hijacked your democracy, USA….

Yet there remain enough sheep to vote in  RINO’$ again, combative against anyone who conveys anny message revealing news of a struggle of full control which calls for all free people to participate in solving and ending ASAP!

People, if you don’t know something, ask!! Only thick people will laugh and enjoy their audience while it lasts, but serious people will answer you without prejudice!
We are not swayed by adverse opinions!! Get a little egg on your face. We all have!

I was told recently that many still do not know what a *RINO* is, .


It really doesn’t take a lot of time to see the manipulators after one gets past the realization that they’ve been duped.

Forget the old two Party system!  A mirage is all that will be until these monetarily wealthy thugs pay for all the attention they can get from greedy swine in Washington   *AIPAC* is Israel’s shameless whore.
Above ^ article is one weak example of proof that because someone claims they are conservative and will fight for conservative interests matters not. It is a blatant lie. These cons and shills know no shame. They want to sell you something …… again.  The art of *Deception* can be eaten gluttonously with a truly ravenous appetite and often is!

Same if you want a more liberal,  people pleasing government with liberal ideals and more aggressive laws to make people eventually accept what was demographically agreed upon.

There is no democracy in the United States!

This government is not your friend!! The government is blatantly operating in a thinly veiled disguise . …….

Has nobody noticed all the USA’s focus, energy,  finances and attention is not on America?  Same with many, many other countries? 

The focus we are constantly  is on the middle east and it’s different “villains”, ISIS, ISIL, foreign affairs Obama was never qualified to handle, racial strife globally, missing and/or exploding. passenger jets, reports of an illegal and/or Muslim invasion seemingly any damn place in the world at any given time,  perpetual strikes against Israel that I have yet to get enthralled by, *YAWN*, especially for Israel’s life draining and shameless demand on every nation to financially surpass even themselves in budgetary spending they angrily demand often!!

Look at the true communistic behavior of Israel. Them being our *priority* , we can afford to look at it with different eyes than were originally cast upon them as we were initially taught to see them as a “weak baby  kitten” with pity and charity sworn to them eternally.

*ZOG* endlessly pits Democrat vs Republican, black vs white, Christians vs Muslims, Gay vs Straight, Fox News vs MSNBC, organically vs chemically engineered,  pro life vs pro choice, debt ceiling vs national budget, illegal aliens vs undocumented workers, conservative vs liberal,  hell, any opposing dialog is more than welcome because it takes the focus off their dirtier deeds, their false flags, and real agenda from being examined.
All the while strikes against Israel rarely happen if ever. Any way they can get and keep your attention they consider fair play. This is all part of war declared on you!


While people foolishly support Israel,  they are not only purchasing their own demise, but spending their time on earth as slaves to Zionism and a future for Israeli government and occupiers  *ONLY!*

While being obedient,  *politically*  *correct* *robots*, who are undoubtedly hard working, law abiding, well meaning people, victims of  constant rewritten history themselves , are. mindlessly giving Zionism full reign of every man, woman and child effortlessly……
Without immediate action,  Zionists will endlessly and ruthlessly reign over the entire planet. Please wake up and research on your own before handing this world over to them!! If you doubt anything I have written here, challenge me with facts, please!
This is not a conspiracy theory spin to ignite blind rage. This is a plea to any doubters to please educate themselves!!!

Soros aka Schwartz,  puppet manipulator bought and paid for with Rothschild card hold cash, absolutely makes sure that the Zionist Occupied Government remain powerful in any by rigging elections and welcoming any cemetery crew to vote.

The media is Zionist owned and controlled. This is evident to even the fully indoctrinated by ZOG. The general populace then see and hear only what ZOG will permit and form opinions through this criminal manipulation and control.

The Zionist agenda to conquer and divide through racism is evident as the militant group Black Panthers are utilized at every purely racially motivated disruption of peace and are seemingly encouraged by media to express their views and opinions in the harshest ways imaginable,  while all others are villainous
Zionist puppet Obama uses them as enforcers to intimidate and threaten little old women and the like. Obviously anyone who takes a stand is subjected to any form of violence within their own community. 

Why such hate of any decency, values or the right to worship or right to not worship? 
Ask a Zionist or any type of *Coptic* *Jew* *!*

The only reason we have the rights we have is from tremendous loss of life, limb, blood and love. These brave souls didn’t suffer and/orso people can protect Israel!

People need to ask themselves “*Why* * do*  *I* *support* *Israel* ?

If answering honestly, most will have to admit that they don’t know why, except that they’ve been instructed to do so through some form of indoctrination. Church, school, institutional acceptance,  even public opinion has a strong gravitational pull that many don’t realize until it is actually inventoried.
While asking themselves,  they should think of all the hatred and violence that stems solely from Israel and their supporters since it’s inception.  World wide endless war is a complete racket! The ruling elite’s blood lust and their unequaled desire to profit make fast friends of Zionists, profiteers, communists and unimaginatively worse vile and evil creatures join these ranks as well.

Zionism encourages unethical charlatans to get in on their racial supremacist ideology. They too will eventually be destroyed once Israel gets what they want from them. It may not be for a generation or two, but the evil will exist and wreak havoc on any offspring they may have.

If “the Bible tells me so” is your answer,  I would ask politely to show me what type of Bible they are looking at, because I have never interpreted or understood any form of any Bible with such instructions .

Supporting any government as a religious belief is absurd!!!!

Christians are supposed to be true believers in Christ, many claiming to be “Christ like”. Well, I’ve yet to read any scripture of Christ encouraging, expecting or slightly accepting violence. He only talked of His Father’s loathing of greed.

While 3rd world existence is coming to a neighborhood near you, and more advanced than you realise, Israel is partying and laughing at any non Jew who ssuppors Zionists and knowing that they will always have their “Holy Land” as a racial haven while all the rest of the world loses all history, culture and indigenous identities

The discovery that 6 million and the whole Holocaust was a Zionist plot – a hoax, to achieve their misled notions of racial supremacy and world dominance is a harsh, ugly and intimidating opponent to wrap ones mind around,  but if you are selling THE lie, it should have all these ingredients.

Congratulate yourself Christian Zionists! They have just about reached their goal of the latter!

ZOG needs removed from all countries before anyone entertains democracy.
While we remain occupied we are all losing our freedoms, identities while Israel and Zionism rise to unparalleled extremism and governance over all.

“Bullets change governments far faster than votes.”

Written by aces Oaces

December 1, 2015

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