The History of Rudolf Hess

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To Rudolf Hess, a true war hero.

Hess was born in Alexandria, Egypt on April 26, 1894. The young Hess had a happy childhood, and lived quite happily with his family. In 1900, he was sent to the German school in Barvaria. He was taught about the ways of life by his mother and developed a love for the constellations.

Much later on, in 1914, Rudolf Hess enlisted in the German Army during WWI. He became an infantryman, won the Iron Cross Second Class and was wounded twice. Hess’ second wound prevented him from continuing as an infantryman, so he learned how to pilot planes. For the last few months of the war, he served as a fighter pilot.

In 1919, Rudolf Hess met Professor Karl Ernst Haushofer and later enrolled under him, where he studied geopolitics, history and political science. The Professor and Hess soon became great friends, and…

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