By my friend H Cubed

+aces Oaces Nobody is elected President by the votes in the general election, so it doesn’t matter if you vote for nobody–except this–voting for nobody will give them a very low vote count that they will have to make up for in the computer models they use. That will scare them, but it won’t stop them. Voting for nobody is the only way to send the signal that we know that the President is not elected that way. They will find themselves in the quicksand that they have created for themselves.
The second and most important thing is to research the list of electoral delegates in your state to find out who is doing the voting that they are told to do. They are the wives, business partners, and financial supporters of your various representatives in state legislatures and those already in the Congress. Many, if not all, state laws do not allow state legislators to be electoral candidates, e.g., California law, but they get around that by having these others do their bidding anyway. In addition to this scam, they have crafted the laws in the states so that the political parties control the selection of electoral delegates. All of this causes the same group of subversives to stay in the US Congress.
Vote for no incumbent for either the House or Senate. After 6 years there will be no person in the Congress who was there before, and at least they will have to learn the criminal ropes that their predecessors had before they too are exchanged for a newbie.

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