Woman Who Survived Auschwitz Concentration Camp Because Nazis Ran Out of Gas Turns 101

The Ugly Truth

liar lilar yarmulke on fire 4

  • Klara Markus, 100, survived three Holocaust concentration camps

  • She escaped Auschwitz gas chambers because Nazis ran out of gas

OCDG : Tall tales are a jewish staple… like the jewish girl who was brought up by wolves when she escaped a concentration camp… all of which have been found out later to have been falsified.

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17 thoughts on “Woman Who Survived Auschwitz Concentration Camp Because Nazis Ran Out of Gas Turns 101”

  1. All you ever need to do if you want to confirm the authenticity of a camp survivor is to ask if they had fun on the football pitch and were fed well.

    1. I was visibly shaken and want to go postal when I hear each story of the self tattooed #s the lazy kikes put on to draw funds as “victims”.
      Watched something the other day where they asked “Who are Holocaust Survivors?” answer “Any Jew who was alive anywhere and lives through the sick madness of the Occultists Nazi’s”,
      My conscience and pride my dad and God instilled in me would NEVER persuade me to be such a sorry, lying POS.

      1. I could never tell a lie that huge. My conscience simply doesn’t allow it, and if I did I would probably break down minutes later.

      2. Nah don’t insult the snakes. Snakes are animals, they at least play a role in the ecosystem. Jews don’t however. They’re parasites. 😉

      3. “Hurr durr! Ima jew! I love killing children and corrupting goyim! I’m a mass murderer and i cheat goyim of their money! Oy vey!”
        ~ The Rothschilds, 2015

      4. That ain’t no kidding! Every day I get angry all over again at the whole system indoctrinating mass amounts of idiots and now it’s gotten so bad, you never know when they’ll kick your door in and nobody you know and love may never hear from you again.

      5. That’s partially why I’m so quiet about my activities in the NS movement. I rarely trust anyone that much. The Jews are that scared of us, they’re even scared of poor old Nonon(me).

      6. It’s all really confusing. I’m not a follower so NS is a bit of a leap for me to fully commit to. It doesn’t help meeting so many pure idiots on a daily basis who have some really hallucinogenic self images as Herr Hitler.
        And then there’s just the totally “gone” ones who are just sitting at their computer ranting about “I’m gonna kill me some niggers and some Muslims! 14/88!” and see they always change the subject when it comes to any knowledge whatsoever about the Third Reich, just insecure lonely rednecks probably on a $50 a day meth or freebase habit, drinking sludge beer and smoking cigarette butts they pick up off the sidewalk. lol It seems I attract these psychopaths on social networking too.
        All I can imagine is this sitting around picking their belly buttons (and other “collection” areas and sniffing their fingers. Hahaha

      7. Yes..and when you say this to someone or about someone, you get attacked by a million of their mentally equal peers screaming “Unity dammitman!”
        I’m sorry. But I’m not as delusional to entertain the notion that when shtf all the so – called “friends” I collect online globally or even semi locally are going to be rushing to my aide.
        I’m going 3 miles to my cousins compound and holing up with plenty of fire power. I just do this so because it does wake quality people regularly on social sites, and blogging is helpful to myself and also serious WN or NS people.

      8. Go to “Add Media”, then select “Upload Files”, and finally press “Select Files”. Then click on the picture that you want, add a caption if you need, and then press “Insert into post”. 🙂

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