White House Kitchen Koshered By Bush – That Mofo!

Jews prefer to hide their identities and will assimilate into any nation by even marrying into other tribes, as long as the mother is Jewish her children will always be Jewish. even if they identify as others.  Look at Bush and Obama, they are both Jewish and cousins.

The Notion that the global Jewish populations is less then 20 million is the biggest folly and deceit of Judaism.

The best way to track Jews is to identify their food  koshering  requirements, in fact in America 50 % of food products are kosher certified and their population is said to be only about 6 million.  read

why would the rest of Americans who are not Jews  pay this kosher tax which runs into billions of dollars collected by Jewish organizations,  every year, if their population was only about 6 million?

Even the white house kitchen had been Koshered by Bush  read article below

You NEVER heard about it in the Media cause Jews hide their identity from Ancient times and since they control the media, you will only hear about what they chose to release.

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