Free To Find Truth… is it so easy?

Zachary Hubbard of Free To Find Truth shares some rather creepy experiences in his personal life starting when he began exposing Zionists’ numerical coding seen all throughout history. Everything Zionists do, they do by the numbers. Having experienced obvious intimidation and harassment clearly designed to dissuade him from continuing his fine and essential work, he is to be applauded for his brave dedication to exposing Zionists’ lies, crimes, false flags and hoaxes, by revealing their blatantly obvious, highly repetitive numbers coded into the dates, places, names, births and deaths of famous political figures, and in their words and actions. I can’t emphasize strongly enough the importance of learning about gematria coded into events taking place – it’s literally a game changer, as it reveals not only the enemies we’re already aware of, but also those famous friends who may not be what they present themselves as.

Part 2 here:

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