KRISTALLNACHT Instigated By Communist And Freemason Jews to Promote War Against Germany!

From a comrade who knows! This is war! Heal!


8 thoughts on “KRISTALLNACHT Instigated By Communist And Freemason Jews to Promote War Against Germany!”

  1. I wrote about Kristallnacht being a false-flag attack before. It was simply an attack by the Jews against their own kin with the intended purpose of further demonizing NS Germany.

    1. Scum bastards. What really is killing me as an American is, all these “so-called” patriots screaming for 7 yrs or more how they’re gonna rise up, revolt, take the power away, back to WTP. Now all those wimps are “hmmm Cruz or Tramp?” For Pete’s sake! These are the very same people who swore REVOLUTION when it was outed that Soros rigged the last few elections. I ain’t voting for another Ziopuppet. I’ve lost so much respect for so many idiots now. It’s war as far as most people with logical judgment see it. And that’s getting smaller and smaller by the numbers daily it seems. 🙋

      1. Believe me I will never vote knowing what I know. It’s. …admirable, I guess, to stand by your teachings and beliefs. But ffs, it is perfectly outstanding to not be so narrow minded to ignore the stench of these scum with their gnarled fingers in all us slaves wallets and just go back to the the voting booth with….what? Faith? Crossed fingers? Fantasies that what your KNOW isn’t in any way true because the ever loving government couldn’t possibly be so mean and nasty??
        Sorry. I had it out with a former good friend over Cruz earlier and I can never respect them again as they are apparently FOS. ✋

      2. The general populace where I live are mostly sheep. Awakening them is very hard to do, but we will do it! Even though I have been mocked at school because of my beliefs and principles, I continue to stand by them. Soon they will say “He was right! The conspiracy theorist was right!”

        There is no exception. We, the awakened, are always right. Most of the time. But even when we’re wrong, we’re right.

      3. ✋Keep it up! It’s not even about “racism” as they so effortlessly coined a term to shame sheep for being white. Stupid Goy. I know. I was part of the flock that the education system mass produced, along with an over zealot fanatical Baptist adoptive mom who did her “patriotic duty” as learned in church by shill Schofield ,
        to torture me with constant, incessant nagging about my soul and the poor joos and all that good stuff.
        Thank goodness a friend just nudged me in the right direction that made me question the bogus 6M and then the ridiculous lies that follow once you are truly awakened.
        I do still question the Swastika/Palestinian coin. But no matter what I decide on that, I know that those cretins are some kind of sick evil I’ve never before imagined. Parasites is exactly what they are. Vermin parasites. ✋

      4. My mother never really liked the Jews. From young she taught me that they were our enemies. She told me that they were liars and parasites. I didn’t really believe it because I was still a sheep back then, but now I see how right she was. I also told her about the Holohoax and she said “Damn Jews…”. I suppose she was fuming inside, having believed that lie for a good portion of her life.

      5. Kudos to your Mother! Respect! My son says I am an extreme racist and a ” Muslim oppressor”. He WAS prepping with me 7 years ago. This Christmas it will be 2 years since he has spoken to me. He left his Ex wife and stepdaughter and his little girl who is now 7. And him and his new woman have a daughter that will be 2 in Jan. and I’ve not been allowed to meet her. Though I was perfectly fine to babysit the 1st two almost around the clock for 5 yrs AND give them gas money to go to school and work and generally assemble their futures however they dreamed them up to be. It is really painful to not have the 7 yr old allowed to spend any time alone with me – per his rules with Ex. It’s total BS and it hurts her as much as me, maybe more.
        But hopefully he’ll come around. All I can do is hope. ✋
        I imagine your mom did flip learning all the revisionists have revealed. Bless their hearts.

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