The Zionist Red Army

Smash Cultural Marxism

There is a saying that goes ‘you learn something new every day,’ and I have just learned that the Jewish state of Israel has erected a memorial to the Red Army in Netanya.

The reasoning for the memorial they say, is to thank the Red Army for ‘putting an end to the holocaust.’ So they erect a monument in honour of the most brutal, barbaric and murderous army known to man, and use the argument that it is to thank them for stopping the ‘holocaust.’

The Red Army, led by the Jew Leon Trotsky (Bronstein) from 1917, and later becoming a murderous tool of Stalin, is responsible for the deaths innumerable millions. They persecuted and massacred ethnic Russians and Christians in Russia, they murdered political opponents and the intelligentsia. They slaughtered the peasantry. They orchestrated the genocide of millions of ethnic Ukranians through forced famine in what came to be…

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